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  • Price: 99
  • Amount: 80 Leads
  • Price Per Lead: $1.24


  • Price: 299
  • Amount: 300 Leads
  • Price Per Lead: $1.00


  • Price: 399
  • Amount: 425 Leads
  • Price Per Lead: $0.94

Overview Of Lead Program

  • Join Us as part of our team
  • Receive your own free automated marketing web site
  • Order fresh email lead traffic for your personal web site

As new prospects visit your site and opt-in through your personal capture page in real time to review the program, the system goes to work for you, presenting the opportunity.

Each prospect will receive automated, pre-written email letters as part of our follow-up strategy, and these email letters will already have your personal name and contact information in them. As prospects join YOU, they will automatically be sponsored by you, triggering new commissions and earnings.

Each Lead Package Includes:

  • Contact Manager back office database system
  • Pre-written automated email follow-up
  • Free training and support
  • Guarantee replacement policy (for bad leads)
  • Optional “Name Phone” field integration

Leads come in daily, in real time, until your lead order is completed. All leads are guaranteed to be email-only and opt-in through your personal lead capture page.

Lead Source & Sales Process

Leads are generated via targeted email advertising campaigns to select home business and opportunity databases, as well as certain strategic pay-per-click advertising online.

As prospects click to review the email or pay-per-click invite, they are taken to your personal lead capture page, where they must enter their personal email to opt-in and continue. Once they submit their email, it will appear in your personal back office Contact Manager – and they will begin receiving automated email follow-up letters.

An optional “Name Phone” field will pop up on their screen, inviting them to update their profile with this information. The “Name Phone” fields are optional, but also appear in your Contact Manager if submitted.

Income Disclaimer

This Lead Store was created to assist team members in promoting their personal home business, by leveraging the automated power of the internet and lead generation traffic.

This Lead Store cannot make income promises or claims, relative to how many leads purchased will become paid team members, nor as to how much income you may receive as a result of your lead package purchase.

Results will vary, depending on your personal attention and efforts to your business.

All orders are final, with a no-refund policy. Please see Terms & Polices on the order page.

Have Questions?

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